Student Policies and Procedures

This page contains a list of all student policies and procedures. Click on the learn more button to view all details regarding the policy or procedure.

Policies and Procedures List

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Check Replacement and ACH Reject Fee Authority

All returned or rejected ACH payments must be investigated and resolved within a time period sufficient to avert loss from fraud or negligence.

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Debts and Fees Owed

Students who register for courses offered by the University are obligated to pay the fees associated with registration for those courses.

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Drop for Non-Payment

SF State drops continuing students who have not paid their financial balance by the fee payment due date of each fall and spring semester.

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Rejected e-Check

It is the policy of the CSU that all returned items be processed and resolved in a controlled and timely manner.

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Returned Check

If your check bounces, you are liable for up to three times the amount of the check or $120, whichever is more, plus the face value of the check and court costs.

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The University is required by Federal regulation to calculate a Return of Title IV funds for all students who withdraw during a term.