Petty Cash

This page covers policies and procedures regarding Petty Cash.

Relevant Files

Individual Purchases

Individual purchases must not exceed $100 (exclusive of sales tax) per purchase of service (State Administrative Manual Chapter 8100, Section 8112). The total for a Petty Cash Reimbursement Form must not exceed $200 per department or project per week.

If petty cash is being charged to a trust account, the availability of funds must be certified and the form signed by a Trust Fund Accountant before the Bursar's staff will honor the request.

If petty cash is being charged to an ORSP Dept. (Dept 3080 or 3138) and Fund SG001, then the form must be approved by the ORSP (Grant Administrator) before the Bursar’s staff will honor the request.

The following must be submitted with your Petty Cash Reimbursement Form:

  1. Original receipt/s including the date of purchase and vendor name. If the vendor name is not printed on the receipt, then the vendor must provide their phone number and signature on the receipt.
  2. Electronic receipts must have an Electronic Receipt stamp with the signature of the requestor and the approver.
  3. If receipt for purchase is more than 3 months old, requestor must have receipt authorized (initialed) for reimbursement by:
    • Dept 2000-2999: President’s Office, ADM 562
    • Dept 3000-3999: Jennifer Summit, University Provost, ADM 455
    • Dept 4000-4999: Dr. Jamilah Moore, VP/Student Affairs/Enrollment Management, SSB 403
    • Dept 5000-5999: Jeff Jackanitcz, VP University Advancement, ADM 151
    • Dept 6000-6999:  Jeff Wilson, VP/CFO Admin & Finance, ADM 354
  4. Items such as food items, party supplies, etc. that are purchased for hospitality reasons must have a Hospitality form approved by Accounts Payable. For questions, please contact Fiscal Affairs - Accounts Payable Department, extension 82604 or 82629.
  5. The department head's signature on the receipt (the person approving the Petty Cash Reimbursement Request form cannot also be the requestor).
  6. Each receipt item must be individually listed on the petty cash form.
  7. An explanation justifying the relevance of each purchased item to the functions of the department.
  8. Receipts for the purchase of the same items on the same day from the same vendor may not be reimbursed in the same week.
  9. Signature indicating receipt of the supplies or services.
  10. If someone else is picking up the reimbursement money instead of the requestor, a memo authorizing that person to pick up the reimbursement money is needed from the requestor.

Purchases from State Appropriated Funds

Purchases from State Appropriated Funds must benefit State Operations.

Please submit all requests promptly. Receipts dated more than three months prior to the Request for Reimbursement will not be accepted. Written justification for the purchase must be included with the request.

All requests must be submitted before the close of the fiscal year in which they were made. There are no exceptions to this regulation.


An alternative to using Petty Cash funds is the University Procurement Credit Card. For information concerning this card, call Jason Huynh, extension 82546.