Faculty and Staff Inquiries

This page displays a list of the most common faculty and staff inquiries our office receives.

Please check each relevant section first to see if it answers your question.

Steps to follow if your question isn't answered

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Common Inquiries for Departmental Deposits

All checks and cash received by departments must be delivered to the Bursar’s Office for processing no later than the following business day.

All Departmental Deposits will require a Departmental Deposit Tally Sheet to be completed.

Checks must be endorsed with the endorsement stamp on the date of receipt to prevent being negotiated if lost or stolen.

If you do not have an endorsement stamp, please contact the Bursar’s Office to request a stamp.

Endorsement stamp costs will be charged back to the department.

Departments using CRS numbers are being asked to transition from their use and to obtain a new CASHNet Item Code for their departmental deposits.

This will expedite the deposit process and improve the record management between the Bursar's and Accounting Offices.

For more information on Departmental Deposits, please visit the Departmental Deposits page.

Common Inquiries for Departmental Requests for Campus Solutions

If you are requesting a:

  • Posting or removal/reversal of charges and/or payments on a student account

  • Payment applier on a student account

Please navigate to the “Other” section at the bottom of this page and send your request through the service portal by clicking on the "Request Other Service" button.

Departments who need charges or payments posted to Campus Solutions (CS) must first ensure that each charge or payment has been assigned an item type in CS.

If no item type has been assigned, navigate to the “Other” section at the bottom of this page and send your request through the service portal by clicking on the "Request Other Service" button.

Make sure to include a detailed explanation of the charges or payments an item type is needed for.

If an item type is already established for the charges and/or payments, prepare an excel file with the information as detailed below:

  • Column A – Student ID number

  • Column B – Amount of charges and/or payments

  • Column C – Reference data to be reflected in CS

  • Column D – Term in which the charge/payment should be posted to

  • Column E – Item type of the charge/payment

Please note:

  1. You must create a separate file for charges and payments.

  2. These cannot be combined in the same file.

  3. Each respective file must have the same item type throughout the file.

Once the file is prepared, please email it to shayh@sfsu.edu and CC grr@sfsu.edu to upload it to Campus Solutions.

You will receive a confirmation once the file is uploaded.

If the upload request is time sensitive, please specify in the email.


To request a hold release, navigate to the “Other” section at the bottom of this page and send your request through the service portal by clicking on the "Request Other Service" button.

Provide the student ID number for which the hold is to be released.

Common Inquiries for Petty Cash

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM in ADM 155 1st Floor at Window A.

The requester must redeem the reimbursement money.

If someone else is picking up the reimbursement money instead of the requestor, a memo authorizing the person to pick up the reimbursement money and ID card is needed from the requestor.

For more information on Petty Cash, please visit the Petty Cash page.

Common Inquiries for Fee Payments and Charge Information

Depending on what campus services you have utilized, your fees will vary.

Fees may accumulate from the Library (rentals, lost library books, etc.), the Student Health Center/Pharmacy, etc.

Lab/course fees are determined by the department in which you are under.

Please reach out to your department for more information on specific course/lab fees.

Common Inquiries for Employee Fee Waivers

Once you have submitted your paperwork to Human Resources, they will then forward your information to the Bursar’s Office for waiver coding.

An email confirmation will be sent by HR to confirm that it has been sent to our office.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for coding.

For all more general information about fee waivers, view the Fee Waiver and Reduction Program page or check out the Fee Waiver FAQ.


Other Common Inquiries

If your question was not covered by any of the above questions, click on the button below to send a request through the service portal.

Make sure to provide as many relevant details as possible so that we can resolve your inquiry faster.