Student Inquiries

This page displays a list of the most common student inquiries our office receives.

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Common Inquiries for Holds

A campus financial obligation hold is placed when there is any past due balance left outstanding on a student account.

Students can remove their SFO hold by paying their past due obligation.

After making the payment, the hold will release by midnight.

An S2 hold prevents students from enrolling into classes until payment in full is made for tuition and fees.

A $25 Late Registration Fee and $20 Administrative Fee will apply.

View the S2 Hold removal tutorial to go over the S2 Hold removal process step by step.

Submit a Financial Hold ticket through the Service Portal.

Common Inquiries for Financial Aid

You can find how much financial aid you will be receiving in the “Finances” section of your student center through SFSU Gateway.

On the left of this section, you will find a link labeled, “View Financial Aid”.

Select the aid year you are looking for, then select “View Scheduled Disbursement Dates” to view the total aid that will disburse to you for the semester.

Once tuition and fees are paid, any excess funds will be applied to any other outstanding charges remaining on the student account (i.e. housing charges, student health center fees, lab fees etc).

After all remaining charges are paid, students will be eligible for a refund.

If you are enrolled in direct deposit, you should expect to receive your refund within 5 business days after the original disbursement.

If you are not enrolled, expect a check within 2 weeks of original disbursement to the mailing address you have on file.

You can update your mailing address via the student center.

If you are not a financial aid recipient or your financial aid award is not enough to cover the entire balance on your account, you will be responsible for paying the remaining balance out of pocket by the given due date.

Information on dates and deadlines can be found on the current academic year page.

  1. Click on the semester you're concerned about.

  2. Check the calendar for the fee payment deadline due date.

Information on due dates for specific items can also be found in the "Finances" section of your student center.

On the bottom left, there will be a dropdown option labeled, “Other Financial...” by default and a double arrow button.

Click on the dropdown menu and you will see a “Charges Due” menu option.

Select it then click on the double arrow button to proceed to the "Charges Due" tab in the Account Inquiry page.

This page will provide you a breakdown of the remaining charges on your account with a specified due date.

Submit a Financial Aid ticket through the Service Portal.

Common Inquiries for Fee Payments and Charge Information

To avoid a $20.00 late fee, please check the current academic year for the respective semester's calendar dates regarding fee payment or tuition deferment deadlines.

You will be unable to register for the upcoming semester with any remaining charges on your account.

Depending what your status is as a student, your tuition fees will vary.

Please check out the current academic year and select a semester.

Click on the "Tuition and Fees" quick link to view the tuition and fee tables immediately.

Tuition consists of two types of fees:

  1. Tuition fee goes to help support the entire CSU system.

  2. Local campus fees go to help support the specific CSU you are attending.

At SFSU, every student helps support our university by paying these fees.

View the list of local campus fees.

Submit a Fee Payment ticket through the Service Portal.

Common Inquiries for Refunds

You should expect a check within two to three weeks after submitting the Refund Request Form to the Bursar's Office.

Otherwise, for unofficial withdrawals and/or cancellation of classes, refund checks will not be processed after the 60% mark of the attendance period.

Classes dropped on or after the first day of the semester are subject to a pro-rated refund up to the 60% point in the semester (less a $20 refund processing fee) if you officially withdraw, notify the Registrar’s Office, and submit a completed Refund Request Form to the Bursar’s Office.

Full Refund:

Students who officially withdraw from the University prior to the first day of instruction will receive a 100% refund, less a $20 administrative fee and un-refundable Campus ID Service Fee of $2, of mandatory tuition and campus fees, and other applicable program fee/s, and non-resident tuition.

Pro-Rata Refund:

Between the first day of instruction through the 60% date of the semester, refunds will be on a pro-rata basis using the official withdrawal date.

Students are not eligible to receive a refund for dropping all classes or officially withdrawing after the 60% date.

The pro-rata refund will be calculated by the number of CALENDAR days from the first day of the semester to the date of withdrawal.

Refunds will first be applied to any outstanding debt owed to the University.

Non-Refundable Campus Fees

Name of Fee

Application Fee

Credential Application

Orientation Fee

Orientation Guest Fee

Fee Late Registration Fee

Administrative Fee

Dishonored Check Fee

Installment Service Fee

Course Fees if associated course is not dropped before the 1st day of the academic term

Submit a Refund ticket through the Service Portal.

Other Common Inquiries

Visit the Franchise Tax Board Website for more information.

The University reserves the right to cancel student’s classes for non-payment of campus fees and other obligations from prior semesters/years.

A financial hold is automatically placed which prevents future registration and other services.

The University or its agent has the right to pursue collections in order to repay a delinquent debt owed.

If you are in collections, you must dispute with ConServe:

Mailing Address:

200 CrossKeys Office Park
Fairport, NY 14450

Phone Number: (800) 724-7500

Fax Number: (585) 421-1028

Email Address:

Log into your SF State Gateway and navigate to the Student Center.

Under the "Finances" section, click on the drop-down menu and select "View 1098-T".

From there, you should be able to view all available tax years and click on the year that you need.

Please check the above categories first to see if your inquiry has been answered there.

Otherwise, submit a request ticket here if your inquiry is unrelated to the above categories.