University Corporation Deposits

This page covers policies and procedures regarding University Corporation Deposits.

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All checks and cash received by the San Francisco State University Corporation must be delivered to the Bursar’s Office for processing no later than the following work day.


The University Corporation or a department with a University Corporation account will process their payments as follows:

  1. Checks must be endorsed with the University Corporation bank endorsement stamp on the date of the receipt to prevent being negotiated if lost or stolen (SAM8034.1). Endorsement stamps are provided by the University Corporation.
  2. Run an adding machine tape to get check totals and numbers of check per batch.
  3. Summarize the deposit on the Deposit Transmittal Form and the Departmental Deposit Tally Sheet.
  4. Deliver the batch to the Bursar’s Office.

If delivered to the Bursar’s Office during designated University Corporation deposit hours, the University Corporation cashier will process the deposit: 

  1. If the designated University Corporation cashier is not available then another Bursar’s Office cashier will verify the deposit amount.
  2. After verifying the deposit amount, the Bursar’s Office cashier will sign and date the Deposit Tally Sheet and make a photocopy for the University Corporation staff person as proof of receipt.
  3. The University Corporation deposit will be secured in the Bursar’s Office vault until the University Corporation cashier arrives.

The Bursar’s Office will verify the University Corporation payments as follows:

  1. Check the information written on each check with special attention to the following:

    • The written amount must be the same as the numeric amount
    • If there is a discrepancy, deduct the amount from the Departmental Deposit Tally Sheet total and explain the deposit discrepancy on the space provided on the back of the Departmental Deposit Tally Sheet
    • Return problem check(s) to University Corporation or department
  2. Add the checks (run an adding machine tape twice and keep the tapes for end-of day balancing) and compare with total on tape provided by the University Corporation or department.

The University Corporation cashier will: 

  1. Enter transaction as a departmental deposit to Departmental ID 9999991000D.
  2. Validate the Departmental Deposit Tally Sheet and attach a receipt.
  3. If the University Corporation deposit was delivered before or after the University Corporation deposit hours, then the University Corporation cashier will leave the validated Departmental Deposit Tally Sheet with the attached receipt in the University Corporation mail slot for pickup by University Corporation staff or the department that made the deposit.