Rejected e-Check Policy

Authority (i.e., Executive Order, ICSUAM, Delegations of Authority):

ICSUAM 3102.06 Returned Items

It is the policy of the CSU that all returned items be processed and resolved in a controlled and timely manner.  Each campus must prepare written procedures to implement this policy.

Policy Objective:

The campus reserves the right to refuse personal checks or electronic checks of any students, faculty and staff who previously has had checks or electronic check (eCheck) payments returned. 

For Students: If your payment is returned and you decide to withdraw from classes, you must follow the regular withdrawal procedures outlined in the Class Schedule. Pro-rata charges will be assessed if withdrawn on or after the first day of instruction.

Policy Statement:

Upon receipt of a returned ACH/check payment, the Bursar’s Office will determine the depositing unit or account which accepted the check.  The University will charge a returned check fee of $20 for each returned check/electronic check. Returned check/electronic checks must be paid by cash, money order, cashier’s check, or credit card.  

ACH returned to the campus must be controlled during the processing of the returned item.

  • A non-cashiering unit is to provide processing of returned ACH items.
  • ACH transactions that are deemed to be uncollectible are to be returned by the depository bank to the designated non-cashiering unit.
  • The person approving the request to write off uncollectible ACH debits must not maintain the inventory of returned ACH debits.
  • Campuses shall establish controls to prevent and detect alterations to electronic ACH data

*See Payment Methods - Electronic Check.

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