Wire Transfer Policy

Wire Transfer Policy and Information

Authority (i.e., Executive Order, ICSUAM, Delegations of Authority):

The Bursar's Office will accept wire transfers as a payment method for University tuition and fees (this does not include orientation or other campus events) and can only be for the semester that the campus is accepting payments for at the time.

Policy Objective:

The campus has established the following policy statement/procedures to address the receipt of incoming wire transfer from students.  Payment transactions by wire transfers (in) must be immediately recorded by the issuance of a receipt.

Policy Statement:

  1. A student or their designated agent paying regular University tuition and fees through a wire transfer to SF State will need to send the following information to the Bursar's Office by email (burswire@sfsu.edu) to receive University banking information:
    • Student's Full Name
    • SF State Identification Number
  2. After verification of admission to the University, the student or their designated agent will receive by email the following information to initiate the wire transfers:
    • Name of bank
    • Bank street address
    • City where bank branch is located
    • Zip code
    • Bank account number
    • Bank routing number (domestic students only)
    • Bank account name
    • Bank SWIFT number (international students only)
    • Wire transfer amount is not to exceed $15,000
  3. All wire transfers must be in U.S. dollars.
  4. Wire transfer amount is not to exceed $15,000 U.S. dollars.
  5. Administrative fee of $20 (non-refundable) must be included with the payment amount for each wire transfer.
  6. After completing the wire transfer the student or their designated agent must provide the Bursar’s Office by email (burswire@sfsu.edu) the following information to ensure that payment is properly recorded to the student’s records:
    • Wire transfer date
    • Wire transfer amount (including non-refundable $20 administrative fee)
    • Name of bank processing wire transfer
    • Reference number (provided by the bank processing wire transfer)
    • Country where wire was initiated (if applicable)
    • Student full name (first name, middle name, and last name)
    • SF State ID number
    • Name of person initiating wire transfer (such as parent or designated agent)
    • Semester (Fall or Spring) or Summer session and the number of units student will attempt to enroll in during the registration period
  7. Failure to provide the Bursar’s Office with any of the required information may result in registration problems, late fees, or may prevent the student from obtaining University services.
  8. Wire transfer payments resulting in an overpayment on a student’s account for tuition and fees will be refunded to the student by check.

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