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A payment of both the total tuition and fees AND the late registration fees of $45 must be paid in advance before a student can enroll into classes. With instruction beginning August 23rd, students with the S2 Hold must pay for their fees before we can allow course add codes to be used.

S2's can now be paid Online! 
*The last day to release S2 registration holds will be Thursday, September 14th by 11:59PM*

After logging into your Gateway, you can "Make a Payment" under the "Finances" Section of your Student Center Home Page and must select BOTH of the following payment options:

S2 RELEASE REQUIRED PAYMENT- This is to pay for the $45 in late registration fees


SF STATE TUITION AND FEE CHARGES- Paying the amount of tuition and fees in full for the program you wish to enroll in. (You can find the schedule of tuition and fees for the Fall Semester here.

Once payment has been made towards TUITION AND FEES -AND- the S2 RELEASE REQUIRED PAYMENT, a receipt will be issued via your SF State e-mail account.

Lastly, you will be required to submit a Petition for Late Registration Form (URL to Form: either via fax to 415-338-7787 -or- scan a copy to our e-mail: You MUST complete and submit this form to have your S2 released, otherwise, you will not be in compliance with our campus requirements.

*There is a scheduled process running in our system every hour that will release the S2 automatically- please give the system 1-2 hours to pick up your payment and release the S2 for you. There is no need to call the Bursar's Office to have it removed. If you still have the S2 on your account after that time, please reach out to us at or at 415-338-1281.*

If you prefer to make payment in person to have your S2 released, you can visit us at the Student Services Building or the Administration Building Monday through Friday.


*2016 1098-T Forms are now available in your Student Center/Gateway*

For best results, please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers to open your electronic (PDF) forms


If you do not have a 1098-T in your Student Center, your information may need to be updated. Verify the following:

1. If you have identified a preferred MAILING address* in your Student Center, make sure that the "Address 1" field is filled out and NOT the "Address 2" field:

*A preferred mailing address can be listed if you do not want your 1098-T mailed to the PERMANENT address that was claimed with the Admissions Office when your application to campus was submitted.

To update the ADDRESSES, simply click the "Demographic Data" menu item above and you will be forwarded to the following screen to make changes to your address information:

2. That your ITIN or SSN number are current and updated with the Registrar's Office. Please visit their office at the Student Services Building Lobby to do so. If you have questions about updating your ITIN/SSN, please e-mail the Registrar's Office at

3. That the amount being reported on your 1098-T is not expected to be less than or equal to $0. If you think there is an error, please contact the Bursar's Office at 415-388-1281 or via e-mail at

How to Opt In to 1098-T Paper Copies for the 2016 Tax Year
The last day to opt in to paper is March 31, 2017.



Student Involvement and Representation Fee (SIRF)

On January 28, 2015 the CSU Board of Trustees established a new category system-wide voluntarystudent fee, the Student Involvement and Representation Fee, at a rate of $2 per term. The fee assessment begins in the fall 2015 term and is charged to all students unless they choose to opt out which can be done via your student portal. The $2 SIRF is used to support the student leadership, involvement, governance, and advocacy programs managed by the California State Student Association (CSSA).