Student Involvement and Representation Fee of $2

On January 28, 2015, the CSU Board of Trustees established a new category system-wide voluntary student fee, the Student Involvement and Representation Fee, at a rate of $2 per term. The fee assessment begins in the fall 2015 term and is charged to all students unless they choose to opt out which can be done via your student portal (open in new window). The $2 SIRF is used to support the student leadership, involvement, governance, and advocacy programs managed by the California State Student Association (CSSA).

Additional Information:

  1. The $2 SIRF is non-refundable after published census date.
  2. Students eligible for federal, state and CSU fee waivers may opt out of the fee. Students eligible for fee waivers who elect to contribute must pay the $2 fee when tuition and fees for enrollment are due.
  3. The fee is NOT a system-wide mandatory fee. The fee may be counted in the Cost of Attendance calculation for student financial aid eligibility, but cannot be paid from state or CSU tuition designated grants or waivers.
  4. Students must take action to opt out (see instructions below) of this fee before the published census date.
  5. The campus cannot waive this fee.
  6. The campus cannot prorate this fee for installment plans.

How to Opt Out: