On January 28, 2015 the CSU Board of Trustees established a new category system-wide voluntarystudent fee, the Student Involvement and Representation Fee, at a rate of $2 per term. The fee assessment begins in the fall 2015 term and is charged to all students unless they choose to opt out which can be done via your student portal. The $2 SIRF is used to support the student leadership, involvement, governance, and advocacy programs managed by the California State Student Association (CSSA).

Contact Information of ASI

  1. Aimee Barnes, Interim Executive Director 415-338-2820
  2. Mayra Saldana, Director of Marketing and Public Relations 415-338-3498

Effective Fall 2015, SF State is pleased to offer an Online Installment Payment Plan through the Student Center application. The online installment payment plan is an opportunity for students to pay each semester's tuition or non-resident tuition in three monthly installments, rather than one lump sum. It gives students the convenience to sign up without filling out paper application form and waiting in long lines. Participation in the installment plan is recorded immediately on your account. The plan does not defer payment of other campus mandatory fees such as local/program fees plus applicable administrative and/or late registration fees. Payment of these fees are required on or before the published fee payment due date

How to Release Registration Hold (S2)
Registration Hold (S2) Can Now Be Paid Online!
On January 19, 2017, an online payment option was made available for students who wish to pay to have their Registration Holds (S2) through their Student Center. After logging into your Gateway, you can "Make a Payment" under the "Finances" Section of your Student Center Home Page and must select both of the following payment options:
1) TUITION AND FEES- Paying the amount of tuition and fees in full for the program you wish to enroll in
2) S2 RELEASE- This is to pay for the $45 in late registration fees
Once both payments have been made, a receipt will be issued via your SF State e-mail account. You will be required to submit a Short Petition Form either via fax to 415-338-7787 -or- scan a copy to our e-mail: bursar@sfsu.edu. You MUST complete and submit this form to have your S2 released, otherwise, you will not be in compliance with our campus requirements.